Pension applications can not be faxed or emailed. Pension applications must be delivered in person to the fund office or mailed with the required original documents enclosed. If mailed, required original documents will be returned to senders address.

Please fill out, print, sign, and mail forms to 9000 W. 187th St. Suite 200, Mokena, IL, 60448

Applying for Pension Benefits

No more than six (6) months before your pension eligibility date, you should contact the Pension Fund office for an Application to Commence Payment of Pension Benefits.

At that time, you will need to provide ORIGINALS or CERTIFIED COPIES WITH SEAL of the following documents:

  1. Participant’s proof of age (see acceptable list of document below);
  2. Spouse’s proof of age (see acceptable list of document below);
  3. Marriage Certificate;
  4. Copies of any divorce decrees or death certificates of any former spouses.



Documents acceptable to prove your age are listed below in order of preference, original/certified copies of documents are required and will be returned:

  1. Official birth certificate from Bureau of Vital Statistics (This is the preferred proof and only if it is impossible to obtain should any other be submitted.);
  2. Baptismal certificate or statement as to date of birth shown by a church record, certified by the custodian thereof;
  3. Census Bureau notification of birth registration;
  4. Hospital birth record or certificate;
  5. Foreign church or government record;
  6. Certification by physician or midwife in attendance at birth as to date of birth shown on his or her records;
  7. Certification of Bible or other family records;


If none of the above documents are available, any two of the following which must indicate the date of birth:

  1. Naturalization record;
  2. Immigration papers;
  3. Military records;
  4. Current Passport;
  5. School records certified by the custodian thereof;
  6. Life insurance policy with the application;
  7. Labor union or fraternal record certified by the custodian thereof;
  8. Marriage license (application) or certificate providing the full date of birth is shown